Dunbar Dance

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During freshmen year at Paul Laurence Dunbar high school, I had won my first national competition. It was in Florida and I was on the Dunbar Dance team. We had been practicing for 10 months perfecting our routine and selling desserts and candy to help pay for the competition entry fee.
The 3 hour plane ride was freezing, but it was worth it for 5 sunny, hot days. We had long practices in the morning on the side of our hotel in direct sunlight. Those mornings were not a pretty sight. We often got frustrated at people making the same mistakes and Coach Champe yelling, “Run it again!” Practice would only end when our arms turned to jello and we started making more mistakes than we had before we started. Practices at night were better, we got to do it inside the hotel where there was air conditioning. And there wasn't a lot open areas so we did it in groups in the stairwell.
In the afternoons we had time to ourselves. A lot of the times a group of us lounged by the pool. One day I went to Universal with Mom and we explored Harry Potter world. Another day I went with my friends and we went and saw Adam Lambert perform. We laughed and joked at team dinners and lunches, but when it
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Cheer team's results are going first. We watch as some teams cry because they didn't place and other teams cry tears of joy for achieving. It's dance teams time now and the tension is thick. We grab each other's hands tightly. “And the Grand Champions of the 2016 ------- is…Paul Laurence Dunbar!” Screams immediately escape our mouths. The captains get up to go receive the trophy and the banner. The seniors are crying and we go around hugging each other. We take turns taking pictures with the trophy and banner. We’ll be getting our shirts and jackets in a couple weeks. My mom congratulates me We have the rest of the day of to do whatever we want, so a group of us decide to go back to change at the hotel and go to the
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