Dystopia In George Orwell's 1984

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George Orwell’s work was mainly about government control and the dystopian society that comes with it, now I shall tell you on what goes on in an Orwellian world. So the book 1984 is about a dystopian society that has been overrun by their government figure “Big Brother”, Big Brother is the person that rules all of Oceania and whatever he says goes. The main character of the book is named Winston, he does not like the way Big Brother is watching them every time, there are four types of government in the book which are The Ministry of Truth, Ministry of Love, Ministry of Plenty, and Ministry of Peace. Now that's out of the way I shall continue with this essay starting now. I have decided to talk about the privacy of American citizen is being…show more content…
Big Brother is watching you, Long Beach: New Police Surveillance System Unveiled I did a little of research about this and it is terrifyingly similar it is in the book and the main Idea of this essay, a little bit of background info about the article; The police in Long Beach California have decided they should instal over 400 cameras all around the city. Now doesn’t that sound familiar to a particular book we have read this year? Exactly the book George Orwell wrote 1984 and here’s evidence to prove this has similarities to the book, now the author contends “A new system linking 400 cameras citywide-both publicly and privately. The live feeds are broadcast on a bank of bug screen monitoring at one end of the Police Department.” (Lloyd 2012) Doesn’t that sound like the thought police are watching them? Just like the book where the citizen of Oceania is constantly being watched; Another evidence that support my thesis is that the police there also want a greater good for their city just like the main point I chose for the essay, the author states that “it will improve the community safety and change the way the Long Beach Police responds to crime.” (Lloyd…show more content…
Also another I like to point out from the book; Is that the inner party are allowed the privilege to turn their telescreen off just like the government they have the privacy they need while we can’t have one! The author states in his novel "You can turn it off!" Winston said. "Yes," said O'Brien, "we can turn it off. We have that privilege" (Orwell 1948) Privacy away from the telescreens is a privilege afforded only to Inner Party members; Just like the government we have
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