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Imagine this… It is the 1960s. You live in city that seems like the perfect place to live and raise your ten children. This results from the fact that plentiful food is provided for you and your family. There is no reason for fighting or scavenging or even to take care of your children. What’s the point of ensuring your offspring know the basic survival skills if they have everything they need to survive in this utopia. Of course they will always have to worry about the roving bands of male bandits. Oh, and of course the slight chance their mother might decide to eat their children. The sheer ridiculousness of this is something that could only be found in a 1980s action flick; However in the 1960s this dystopia was home to 150 rats The …show more content…

They are all problems plaguing our society.. The thing is that these all result from a rampant health problem. Obesity levels rise along with life expectancy in America. Through sheer technological superiority, humanity has seemingly overcome the irony of this situation. That is not, however, what is happening. In America, we are seeing more and more people ardently defend an unhealthy habit of binge-eating and a sedentary lifestyle. The biggest force is this massive campaign of self-denial is most notably the “No-Body Shame Movement.” Started by Whitney way Thore, the movement suggests that a person should be comfortable with their body image. I have no quarrel with that aspect of the movement, but I do have problem with how the movement is allowing people to skirt their responsibility for managing their health by saying, “It’s ok to be you.” I have never been one to tell others how to live their lives, but I can see the merits in dispelling certain fallacies on health. When it comes to solving a obesity problem, there are limited options to become …show more content…

These two are absolutely necessary. The thing is that adults who are overweight/obese know these are good solutions. But as we develop habits over a long time, they become harder to nip in the but. In another rodent themed experiment done by Duke university; Researchers fed sugar to mice to observe the effects it had on their brains. The researchers found that,”The stop and go signals” in sugar addicted mice were “firing the Go signal following a Stop signal”. This experiment gives an idea of how addiction can remove any inhibitions. Many people know addiction can cause destructive behavior, look at the current heroin epidemic. In a expose, provided by the Christian Science monitor; the author paints an image of an america with children used to the possibility their parents can overdose and die at any point. To combat a future that can only lead to despair and death, Children of all walks of life are taking a stand against the heroin epidemic through different initiatives. Kuztown Strong, one of these initiatives is doing just that. It organizes different events for local children with events such as dances and sport tournaments. Through these events it is hoped the children will something better to do than shoot up heroin. It is doubtful that the heroin epidemic will be as easy to stamp out as organizing a bunch of fun events, but

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