Dystopian Society in Never Let Me Go Essay

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What if we found a cure for cancer? Diabetes? Even death? What would we willing to sacrifice for these medical miracles? Modern medicine has recently come made advances in the area of human cloning. Being able to successfully clone humans would solve many of our current medical problems and increase our life expectancy exponentially. Medically clones would be a solution to almost every problem we currently face. Morally however, the use of clones as medical supplies poses it’s own difficulties. Kazou Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go explores the ethical boundaries of creating an entire race of humans who’s only purpose it to supply organs. Beneath its straightforward plot line Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go is an understated …show more content…

The children are raised by guardians and treated as normal children. All their needs are attended to and the children are unknowingly spoiled. Hailsham is a perfect atmosphere for children to be raised, and the students believe their lives are perfect. Their knowledge of the outside world is minimal. Guardians only teach them enough to survive the two-three years they must fend for themselves living in the Cottages. The students are told horror stories of the world outside Hailsham. The students are constantly praised and told they are special. They do not know they are being raised to give away their organs. The students feel that their lives are perfect based on the knowledge they have of the outside. As Kathy says to her friends while at Hailsham “Children out there don’t have enough to eat or even beds to sleep in, so hush Ruth we’re the lucky ones”(Ishiguro 27). The students are brought up with an almost spoiled entitlement. The truth was kept from the children by extreme means. Those who visited Hailsham from the outside world were not allowed to speak about the outside world. One guardian Miss Lucy attempted to tell the students the reality of their futures. Most were too blinded by the lessons they had been taught as children to understand their fate. However, as Ms. Emily spoke more bluntly they began to understand and ear their futures. She was fired shortly after this and they did not speak of her

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