Essay On Dystopian Society

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Not everyone lives in a society where happy endings are attainable. In dystopian communities, there is always some form of suffering occurring. A dystopia never benefits society as a whole and will provide nightmares for those who do not benefit. A civilization following dystopian characteristics involve illusions of prosperity, people being singled out, and a strong sense of corruption. Dystopian civilizations are full of suffering whether it be covered up, out in the open, or even done in a ceremonious nature. The illusion of perfection is often a key aspect in a dystopia. A dystopian community can be viewed as prosperous, peaceful, and the epitome of perfection; however, as time goes on, it is revealed that all is not as it seems. Ursula K. Le Guin’s “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” is one such example of a place not being as peaceful as first made out. Omelas is portrayed as the most perfect place to live; however, behind the scenes, all the prosperity is the result of a single child's suffering. In a society such as this, even if a single individual is suffering, it will never truly be perfect. Dystopian communities will try to present themselves as outstandingly flawless while also trying to hide the fact that there is still suffering amongst the prosperity. While some …show more content…

Often in such societies, many suffer and few benefit. This way of life can be easily found in Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid's Tale”. The women in this story are seen solely as baby makers who have no purpose besides giving birth while the men rule over the society. It is not uncommon for the dehumanization of many to have a prevalent role in a dystopia. In dystopian societies where such removal of one's rights occurs, there is rarely any emotion but despair, no feeling besides helplessness and worthlessness, and hardly any sign of hope for those

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