ECO 561 Week 6 Final Business Proposal

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Home Depot Final Business Proposal
Nicole Garcia
December 22, 2014
Susan Mc Master

Home Depot Business Proposal
Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank founded Home Depot Corp in 1978 (The Home Depot, 2013). The business created strategic product analysis providing an assortment of items to consumers. From the beginning, workers have been able to deliver superior customer satisfaction in the business, helping consumers with jobs such as handling power tools, changing out parts on appliances, laying tile, etc. The Home Depot employees all underwent arduous training to familiarize each employee with products. In addition, the business began hosting workshops to teach consumers on how to do things themselves.
Home Depot
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The business set up design examples of kitchen and bathroom designs. These design examples are set as a design service and example to the consumers who install Home Depot merchandise in the plans of his or her home remodel, renovation, or design. This strategy did not increase the production at each store, as many consumers would take ideas from the example designs completed at the Home Depot and acquire similar merchandise from other stores like the Internet or other home improvement retailers.
The procurement policy has changed to include higher product lines like Thomasville furniture and RIDGID tools known high-end items in the furniture and professional grade tools industry. In addition, Home Depot has collaborated with Martha Stewart Living offering a select brand of home improvement merchandise in certain types like paint, outdoor living, and home organization merchandise from Martha Stewart Living (Home Depot, 2013). By modifying strategies from internal industries such as example design stations that drive merchandise, the emphasis should be retaining the consumer through purchasing Home Depot’s products and guaranteeing that products remain available. Home Depot has changed their strategy and policy of purchasing to reflect the changes in the domestic market. Given is an outcome to raise demand for a service, fluctuating the demand curve to the right. By adding features to the provision or constructing it quicker or more dependable, Home
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