Early American Expansion Essay

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Early modern European expansion focuses on the evolution of absolute monarchies. The European countries created colonies in the Americas as well as in Asia and Africa. The expansion had an effect on the native populations of the conquered territory in addition to the mother country. The setting up of an empire revealed the political and symbolic powers of the new complete monarchs. With that commerce emerged to a new economic system that was created to manage the upcoming empires.
From the perspective of the Asians, the Europeans tried to find commercialism post empires, with mixed success in Asia. The Dutch took over a number of the Spice Islands, in addition to both the British in addition to the Portuguese which was ready to establish fortified trading posts on the Indian …show more content…

By doing this there was devastation that affected the Native Americans population, which resulted in the European diseases. Because of this there was a scientific and industrial progress advantages that Europeans obtain once they arrived.
The Asians and Africans were active agents in the historical process rather than simply victims of European actions. The Europeans in other parts were depended upon those who were eager to participate in order to trade in the Indian Ocean in addition to the Atlantic coast of Africa. They both dealt with local political authorities that was in control of those regions. Because of the active agents in the historical process the Asians, in Japan were allowed to carry the silver to other Asian ports. The Chinese demand for silver allowed Europeans to become wealthy by meeting this demand, as a result making them also an active agent (Strayer, 2013). In India, the Asians were not victim during the European expansion, but rather an active agent in their expansion. By doing this allowed them to enter the Indian market and produce textiles for the British

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