Early American History Paper ( First American's )

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Denise Gilbert
History 108
Mr. Marcum
November 1, 2012

How and When Did People First Come to North America? The article of “How and When Did People First Come to North America?” Written by, E. James Dixon, (University of Colorado at Boulder) Athena Review: Vol.3, no.2, (2002): Peopling of the Americas. This article is about how North America and South America was first populated. It is by far the first and most important part of Early American History. When the first “settlers” arrived in North America, such as the French and English, they were met by “Native American’s.” Pocahontas didn’t come over to the “New World” with Captain John Smith or Sir Walter Raleigh. She was already here when they arrived. So, how did she and her …show more content…

They already learned to survive and adapt to the harsh climate of the Northeast Asia, so they were able to walk as well as “watercraft” across to North America. When did they arrive in North America is very speculated (possibly as early as 14,000 radiocarbon years ago) After the writing of this article, a University of Oregon archaeologist Dennis Jenkins discovered “coprolite, fossilized feces, that contained human DNA and was radiocarbon dated to 14,300 years ago” so perhaps humans where here even earlier. We do know that humans came here and most historians establish that they came across the land bridge, but we are still tracing the origins of when they arrived here. Where did they go is also speculated. I believe they came down the coast line, staying close to the water for food, and drink. Some theory is the “ice-free corridor” crossing into America from Canada. We can speculate which way they came, but we know they came and settled across the North American landscape. With the archaeological find in Oregon, I would say that most traveled along the Pacific coast line and then moved eastward towards the Atlantic Ocean. Some moved farther south and populated South America. With thousands of years in the making and many families and tribes born, I can see how North America and South America was populated. What did they use? There have been many archaeological finds of arrows,

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