History 1301 Exam 1 Review

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Prompt 1: Migration

* According to anthropologists, where did the first human beings live? Why did they leave that place? How did they get to North America?

According to anthropologists the first human beings lived in Ethiopia, Africa around 2 million years ago for example: Lucy known as the oldest human found there. The most probable reason why the first human left Africa is because of the Ice Age. The cold made life so difficult to survive and somehow reduced in their population. They went through a land bridge, which existed to connect North America and Asia during the Ice Age.

* What was the Columbian Exchange? How did the Columbian Exchange affect Europe? How did it affect North America?
The Columbian Exchange is …show more content…

So the Europeans have to trade with Asian countries to get spices. The 2 continents are connected by the Ottoman Empire (in the Middle East) lied between them. Of course this empire would tax whatever trade is going through their land. After a while, the Europeans can’t afford to keep the Ottoman Empire happy with the tax, so they decided to explore a sea-route to get to these Asian countries.

* Which commodity sparked the economy of colonial Virginia in the early 17th century? What social problems resulted from the success of that commodity?
Tobacco was introduced and imported by John Rolfe. This triggered huge waves of settlers in Jamestown to plant tobacco’s seeds as well. So the more of them growing tobacco, the better the economy improving due to high demand in consumptions. On the other hand, growing tobacco resulted in the Indians being kicked out of their lands, forced the African slaves brought to America and work in the tobacco fields.

* Which industry sparked the New England economy at the end of the 17th century? Who was unhappy with the success of that industry, and why?
Shipbuilding was a fast growing industry created a boom for New England economy. They also gain profit out of transporting trading goods back and forth from and to England, and also for transporting slaves out of Africa and into North America. The New England settlers were so success at their shipbuilding business that actually

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