Early Childhood Trauma Case Study

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The nature of early childhood adversity and trauma can be emotional, physical or sexual, with sexual abuse being the most commonly identified factor in almost all cases of people who have been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (du Plessis & Vesser, 2014; Sar & Ozturk, 2012). Furthermore , the sexual abuse if often incestuous which is also displayed in the case of one of the characters of the movie(Rose) that this discussion focused on, who was often sexually and physically abused by her brother Dale. However, as Spira(1996 cited in Harrison,n.d) notes, this is not the case in all instances of dissociative identity disorder, even if sexual abuse may be present in some cases, it is not always committed by a family member. Other …show more content…

Putnum (2006 cited in Dorahy et al, n.d) further add that alongside sexual, physical and emotional abuse, family dynamics ,child development and attachment need to be also taken into consideration. In the case of Rose, there is evidence that she and her siblings were abandoned by their parent(s), which means that there was obviously no attachment between them. Furthermore, the trauma need not to be of a physical or sexual nature for DID to develop as a response. Other traumatic events such as losing a loved one can result in a dissociative response as well (REFERENCE), for example, in addition to being abandoned, Rose’s younger brother Richtie died at the age of 16. Following from that, Rose was then forced (by Dale) through physical and sexual abuse to become Richie. Taking this into account, it is evident that Rose had been exposed to trauma from a young age beginning from the time she and her siblings were abandoned, when her brother Richie died and instead of being in a mourning process, she was further forced to into adopting her dead brother’s identity. From this scenario, it can also be argued that Rose had no emotional or psychological support in order for her to cope with this trauma, which can have dire psychological consequences, some of which may result in this

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