Childhood Trauma Research Paper

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Trauma, Development, and Spirituality Childhood trauma contributes to the development of disorders later in life. Several psychological disorders may be caused by childhood trauma. These disorders may include: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, addiction, borderline personality disorder, and dissociative identity disorder. “American Psychiatric Association defines trauma as an event that represents a threat to life or personal integrity. Trauma can also be experienced when children are faced with a caregiver who acts erratically, emotional and /or physical neglect, and exploitation” (Maltby, L., & Hall, T. 2012. p. 304). Trauma comes in many different forms including: war, rape, kidnapping, abuse, sudden injury, and …show more content…

2012. p. 306). When people attend church, they have their fellow church members; they can talk with about their problems. The church members can support each other through whatever trauma they may be experiencing. “Several researchers suggest that religion and spirituality provide children and adolescents a sense of meaning, self-esteem, coherence, and purpose in life” (Bryant-Davis et al., 2012. p. 308). Christians believe that when something bad or good happens, it is the will of God. Different culture accept trauma in different ways. “Cultural determinants shape and mold our self-identity and identification but also impact our appraisal of events including trauma and extreme stressors, manifestations, of symptoms and course of psychopathological pictures” Ardino, V., & Zaiontz. 2014). Different cultures may have different beliefs. What is traumatic for one culture may be accepted and not cause any trauma for the

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