Early Detection Of Mental Health

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The moment a broadcast interrupts the ongoing program over the radio or television announcing there has just been a shooting at an elementary school may weigh heavy on ones heart. Whether you have children or do not have children, it is a very heart breaking story to hear about such young lives being lost in such a tragic way. To hear the stories from the ones involved, who had to hide their students from the shooter, or tried to keep those poor crying scared babies quiet, or even watched small innocent children shot to death right before their eyes is absolutely gut wrenching. Research has been done on school shooters in the past and they have all showed signs of mental illness even signs of violent behavior. If a program was to be put into place to test students for mental illness the students who did have a mental illness could then be monitored and it would lower the school shooting rates. Early detection of mental health issues in students will decrease school shootings.
Children who have mental disorders are more likely to become violent and unable of channeling anger and depression in the right way. Heller’s research says “A 2002 study conducted by the Secret Service determined that most school shooters engaged in some behavior prior to the incident that caused others concern or indicated a need for help” (2014). Although, not all children who have a mental disorder will become violent, studies have shown previous shooters did have a history of mental illness

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