Violent Video Games and Their Effects on Adolescents

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“According to data recently released by The NPD Group, in 2012, U.S. video game software sales reached $6.7 billion (174.8 million units) and computer game sales were $380 million (13.2 million units)” (Improving Economy). To many, the violent video game industry has turned all adolescents into mass murderers. However, they’re absolutely wrong. Very seldom do adolescents who play violent video games commit acts of violence, and the ones who do usually have a mental disorder. Instead of blaming the tragedies that occur on violent video games, the news media should explain to people that a large percentage of young males play violent video games, indicating that the two are uncorrelated. They should alternatively research other possible solutions to the crisis. In lieu of negatively affecting people’s lives, video games could potentially improve their lives!
School massacres have become more prevalent in this last decade. As part of the police investigation that concludes the shooting, they look for a motive. The first thing that people are frequently told from the news media is that the suspect’s motive was from playing a violent video game, not that they have a mental illness that may have caused them to execute their mass murder. Sane players of video games grasp the fact that they are playing a video game. “Their ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality prevents them from emulating video game violence in real life” (ProCon). Whereas people who have a mental

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