Early Life Of The Minotaus

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Imagine having the body of a man, but the head and tail of a bull. Now imagine your mom is a human and your dad is a giant bull. This is what the Minotaur had to deal with his entire life. The Minotaur was the most unfortunate character in Greek mythology considering his appearance, early life, and adulthood. The Minotaur had a terrible body appearance. He had the head and tail of a bull, but the body of a man. He was very large and considered a monster and an unnatural being because of how he looked (Karas). Many people also probably ran away from the Minotaur even only after getting a glimpse of him, not even getting to know him more. This could’ve been a contributing factor as to why he started eating people later in life. The Minotaur also had the worst early life of any character in mythology. For one, his dad was a great white bull, and his mom, Pasiphae, was a normal human (Garcia). Many people wonder how his parents were two different creatures. Minos, the husband of Pasiphae, once had two brothers, and they all wanted to become King of Crete after their father passed away. He bragged that he had the favor of the gods and could ask for anything. He prayed to Poseidon, and he listened to Minos. Poseidon sent him a majestic white bull and told him to sacrifice it. Having received the bull, Minos demonstrated his power to his brothers and became king, but he did not sacrifice the white bull. Poseidon became angry, and cursed Pasiphae to fall in love with the bull.
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