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Charlemagne, who was called Charles the Great, was born on April 2nd, 742 in Aachen, which would be Belgium today. Charlemagne Father was Pepin the Short who was the first Carolingians to become King while Charlemagne mother was a Frankish queen. Charlemagne as born into a royal family, and he was the youngest son that his parents had and one day he would be king of the Franks. Charlemagne’s family’s religion was Roman Catholic and so was he. As for Charlemagne’s education he didn’t have much of one. Charlemagne was brought up as a warrior and most of his knowledge pertained to fighting never the less Charlemagne was still knew that education was important so when he had his children he made sure the where educated.

Charlemagne adulthood was a very successful one. During his adulthood, he was crowned king on Christmas day of the Roman Empire by the Pope. However, there was already a Roman Emperor. But the Pope said that Charlemagne was the ruler of Western Europe only. When the Pope crowned Charlemagne on Christmas day it began the start of the Holy Roman Empire that lasted from (800-1806). Charlemagne was the first ever-Holy Roman Emperor. Charlemagne was a great military leader. While Charlemagne was the Holy Roman Emperor, he ran a very discipline
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He wanted make Catholicism the realign of all of Europe. One of the things that Charlemagne done to reform the Catholic Church was he said that mandatory for everyone to pay tithes. That meant that 10% of all goods would go back to the church. He made all of the churches follow the liturgical pattern that had been established in Rome. Charlemagne also made sure that the clergy was well educated. Charlemagne was really concerned about the quality of sermons that clergy where preaching. So he set up some basic sermons that he thought they should use if the person who was speaking could not write one of his
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