Eastern Cottontail Rabbit Research Paper

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The eastern cottontail rabbit is a species of the genus Sylvilagus. The eastern cottontail rabbit just as its name suggest is commonly found in the eastern U.S., eastern Mexico, Central America, Southern Canada and the northernmost part of South America. Eastern cottontail rabbits prefer their habitat to be in an open grassy area with shrubs in the area to use as places to escape predators. Nests called forms are made by eastern cottontail rabbits to use as an area to give birth. The nests are only built by female eastern cottontails and are made using grass from the surrounding area and fur from the female rabbit. The diet of eastern cottontail rabbits vary depending on what is available to consume in the area. Eastern cottontail rabbits mainly eat grass, bark, twigs, seeds and sedge fruits. In order to get more nutritional value from what the rabbit had consumed they produce two different fecal pellets, one pellet is consumed and redigested. Many of the eastern cottontail's predators rely on them as a major source of food such as bobcats, weasels and coyotes. When being hunted, eastern cottontail rabbits run in a zigzag kind of pattern while speeding up to 29 km/h. Newborn eastern cottontail rabbits are born blind, deaf and they have a thin coat of hair, this means they are an altricial species and they are required to be taken care of for a certain amount of time. I believe that eastern cottontail rabbits are incredibly fascinating and that you should take time learning about

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