Eating Disorders Among Teenagers And Young Adults

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“I Should Eat Something… But Do I Deserve to?”

Imagine living everyday with a constant fear of food. Imagine feeling anxious and irritable around meal times. That’s how some people go through life everyday, and you might be surprised by the fact that at least one of your peers could be experiencing this. Eating disorders affect thousands of teens and young adults around the world, especially young girls just like you. They are serious emotional disorders that can threaten your self-esteem, your relationships, your health and maybe even your life. Eating disorders are among the most challenging conditions anyone can face, especially when that person refuses to tell anyone about it. It is extremely important for young women such as yourselves to know about the risks undertaken when inhabiting an eating disorder, because trying to match up to the women we see in the media is exceedingly unhealthy. Today I want to hopefully get you thinking about your eating habits and lifestyle choices.

So how does someone develop an eating disorder? The possibilities are endless. Sometimes a person can have mental, personal or social problems that may lead to feelings of failure, depression, anxiety and loneliness. Sound familiar? These feelings can push anyone into developing an eating disorder, or any illness for that matter, making it hard for them to seek help, to admit that they are creating bad habits. What many people don’t know is that eating disorders are not always about losing…
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