Eating Disorders Are Serious Emotional And Physical Problems

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Eating disorders plagues the lives of many people mentally and physically. Eating Disorders are very common in the United States. More than eight million American men and women including children and adults suffer from eating disorders. There is more than one type of eating disorder. The following eating disorders are the most common ones found in the United States and other countries worldwide: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating disorder. There are many factors that contributes to eating disorders and the treatments being done to help people who are suffering from eating disorders.
Eating disorders are serious emotional and physical problems. People do not think that eating disorders have to do with self-esteem, but body image. Bullying in school, at work, or even in your house can cause a person to develop an eating disorder. Some who have been abused by parents, friends, neighbors, or other family member can lead to an eating disorder. These behaviors can make a person feel bad about himself/herself which can lead them to eating disorder. People suffering from eating disorders do not realize what they are doing to their bodies. They feel that the only thing that they can control about themselves is their weight. Many try to control their weight by not eating. Completely stopping eating causes Anorexia Nervosa. Not eating also lead to extremely low weight which can lead to death ("Eating Disorders: About More Than Food.”). One percent of teenage girls in…
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