Eating Disorders : Celebrities And Teen Girls

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Eating Disorders: Celebrities and Teen Girls
One may believe that slim celebrity pictures make people avoid being that weight, while it is also believed that these celebrities may be causing a weight drop in people around the world. Kelly Cutrone, owner of People’s Revolution, states that models are born with the characteristics needed to model, and these models are not unhealthy. Also, Psychologist Douglas Bunnell states that stars simply show the horrors of eating disorders, and how people should avoid disorders of this kind. However, it seems as though the models are underweight as many have passed out because of dehydration. In refutation to Bunnell, it seems, through studies, that smaller celebrities inspire young people to become the same, in turn, these people would become beautiful too. A transcript mentioned at the end by Larkin Mcphee proves this refutation with evidence from a model with an eating disorder named Kate Dillon. Often, many skinny celebrities or models have pictures taken that affect the insecurities of average people and trigger an eating disorder gene.
As stated by Cutrone in a ¬SIRS Issues Researcher database article under the minor title of Anatomy of a Runway Model, “I didn’t see any difference in the girls at all. When they bend over, are you going to see the rib cage? Yes, they are thin naturally…These girls are anomalies of nature. They are freaks of nature. They are not average in anyway…” (Hellmich) Cutrone means that these models are not…
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