Eating Disorders Research Paper

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"Why dissallow the trendy images of women from being plastered ubiquitously?" one may ask. Banning this perception of women, unhealthily thin, will save the women of this great nation from eating disorders. Our women will be more confident in their own skin and not feel as pressured to live up to this image. We, as people of this land, see this problem but choose not to do anything. The medical care for people with eating disorders is inadequit, and too expensive, as it is. With girls and women trying so hard today, to look like what the media portrays, it is no wonder that our country's health is in a downward spiral. Trying to live up to these unreal expectations can result in anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. There …show more content…

Henceforth, if a teenage girl wants any regular teenage boy, she has to up the ante for herself and try to look as good as women in the media. This could, for some portion of the population, result in eating disorders to look as thin as the "in" girl. The effects of an eating disorder can be more serious than simply losing an unhealthy amount of weight. Women and teenagers today hear of eating disorders as a quick way to shed as many pounds as necessisary to achieve a certain, thinner, look. They see the models and televion actresses who are thin and seem to have no long-lasting effects. However, they do not aknowledge of the side effects of any eating disorder. "For people with anorexia, it really is true that one can never be too thin. Despite being dangerously underweight, anorexics see a fat person when they look in the mirror." (Jaffe-Gill, Smith, Segal, and Segal). Anorexia is an eating disorder in which the victim goes for long periods without food or proper nutrition. This can result in many medical problems such as low blood pressure, anemia, loss of periods, and ultimately heart failure. More ironically, however, are the physical effects. Women and teens commit themselves to eating disorders unknowing of the physical effects. Some of the physical side effects are thin and brittle hair, they grow hair all over, and their skin turns yellow; attractive right? Bulimia Nervosa is when one will

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