Essay The Media Causes Eating Disorders

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During your lifetime 250,000 people will die due to an eating disorder. Is this really the type of society we want to be a part of? One which causes people to die needlessly due to media influences which cause the augmentation of a detrimental body image? In the eyes of society emaciated celebrities are the embodiment of perfection. This media ideal of thinness presents society with an unrealistic body image and is projected through the means of television, commercials and magazines, causing women to replicate this ideal. False idealism is the jurisdiction of the 21st century with the number of teenage girls in Britain being admitted to hospital due to anorexia doubling in the last decade. The fundamental reason I chose this topic is…show more content…
In this essay I will assess and focus on why this is so, as well as recent new stresses the media has established throughout society. Flawless images used throughout the media saturate young girl’s minds, highlighting superlative women. For teenage girls this is hard to ignore with the line between fantasy and reality skewed my mass media and stress placed on obtaining an idealistic body portrait. In modern, Western society children are constantly bombarded with images of a false nature: many of which are photo-shopped to remove ‘imperfections’. But one of the most outraging/staggering facts is that children are not unaware of the demeaning and derogatory methods used by the media with ‘81% of 10 year olds scared of becoming fat’ (World Health Organisation) showing that the prominence of the media is becoming ever more apparent. Television images have the capability and unique aptitude to mould children’s attitudes and these are established at a very early age. Children look at TV characters as what society sees and expects of them and begin to stereotype. If a thin actor/ actress is playing the lead or key role children automatically assume they play an important factor in society and by being thin they are therefore of a higher status. This false imagery plays a vital role in a child’s upbringing, leading to a submissive pressure to constantly diet and strive for the ‘perfect body image’ and my research has
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