Eating Habits And Lifestyle Of The Field Of Dietetics / Nutrition New Diets

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In the field of dietetics/ nutrition new diets are always emerging and the Paleo diet is not the exception. There are two points of view: 1) People should follow the dietary guidelines set by the government; 2) People should imitate the diet of humans from over 10,000 years ago. I will present a brief history and description on both sides of the argument followed by my opinion. I will end by arguing that the paleo diet is very restrictive and there needs to be more research done to prove that this diet will lead to overall wellness. Throughout the years, American diet has become more processed, chemicals are added to increase shelf life of products, and even artificial ingredients to improve the product aesthetically. This has raised the …show more content…

The dietary guidelines were created after it was observed that a population who had a diet that was high on carbohydrates, fat, and low in whole grains and vegetables had similar types of diseases. The 2015 Dietary Guideline for Americans (DGA) recommends people to eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, half of grain consumption should be whole grains, low or fat free dairy products, oils (Rowe et al. 2016). According to the dietary guideline advisory committee, there is strong evidence that a healthy diet lowers risks of chronic disease. There is also no need to eliminate food, people can combine foods to achieve a healthy diet (US Department of Agriculture, Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee). The purpose of this paper is to compare the evidence of a Paleo diet and a balanced diet regarding health. Different studies will be summarized and analyzed for both diets to determine if the evidence supports their claims. It is important to assess if diets such as the Paleo diet is truly beneficiary and if it should be taken into consideration for consumers with chronic disease. Evidence from studies on hunter-gatherers (HG), as well as archeological evidence has shown that human genes evolved, but are not ready for the rapid change that human’s diet has taken. During the first publication from Konner et al. HGs in

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