Ec 544 Week 3 Case Study Essay

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William Chatman
Week 3 Case Study

• 1. Become familiar with RFID technology and its potential uses in Harley-Davidson’s supply chain using the information presented in this chapter and information you obtain through the Online Companion links, your favorite search engine, and your library. In about 400 words, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages for Harley-Davidson of replacing its bar codes and scanners technology with RFID. The advantages associated with using RFID technology for supply management are clearly the reason why Harley Davidson would even consider implementing its use. According to the text, RFIDs can be read much more quickly and with a higher degree of accuracy than bar codes. Bar codes must be …show more content…

This could prove to be very beneficial as communications increase between Harley Davidson and their suppliers. In areas that barcode scanners have repeatedly failed, RFID technology would prove to be more accurate and efficient. The RFID tags can store data up to 2 KB whereas, the bar code has the ability to read just 10-12 digits. Some of the disadvantages of the RFID technology are that it is expensive to install. Small and medium scale enterprises find it costly to use it in their firms and offices. In the case of Harley Davidson, getting products from many different suppliers’ would mean that the tags may have to be installed in liquid and metal products. The problem is that the liquid and metal surfaces tend to reflect the radio waves, which makes the tags unreadable. The tags have to be placed in various alignments and angles for taking proper reading. This is a tedious task when the work involves a large organization like Harley Davidson. Another disadvantage of the technology is that interference has been observed if devices such as forklifts and walkie-talkies are in the vicinity of the distribution centers. The presence of mobile phone towers has been found to interfere with RFID radio waves. Wal-Mart, the retail sector giant, has installed billions of RFID tags in their products throughout the world and they have encountered such problems.

• 2. Compare and contrast the issues that Wal-Mart and other large retailers faced

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