Economic And Environmental Integration And Optimization Of Biomass Based Chp And Micro Chp Into Hvac Systems

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Economic and Environmental integration and optimization of biomass based CHP and micro CHP into HVAC systems, using life cycle assessment methodology

Global climate change, a growing population, decreasing availability of fossil fuels increasing environmental and economic concerns regarding energy use are driving forces towards more sustainable ways of responding to energy demands (Li et al., 2011). Energy consumption is widely increasing all around the world resulting in rising of the energy price and global environmental problem. It is estimated that the world energy consumption will increase from 522 EJ in 2006 to 570 EJ in 2015 and 730 EJ in 2030. Due to the rising energy demand and diminishing energy resources, sustainability and energy conservation are becoming increasingly important topics (Conti et al., 2013). Governments and businesses are starting to pay more attention to the role of energy in the design, development and operation of buildings and whole communities.
Buildings currently stand for almost 40% of entire energy consumption in the world therefore there is a great energy saving potential in buildings (Europe’s buildings under the microscope e a country-by-country review of the energy performance of buildings. Buildings Performance Institute Europe, 2011).
Residential sector is one of the major energy consumers in Canada and is responsible for 77% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for space heating and cooling, and hot water.
Canada has planned to

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