Economic Impacts Of The Mongol Empire

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Towards the end of the post classical period, during the early twelfth century new empires rose to power. Specifically, the Mongol Empire located in the steppes of Central Asia. The Mongol Empire was started by Genghis Khan who was part of a nomadic clan. Khan used his position as leader of the clan to unite all the clans in the area to create a very powerful army, which he then used to expand further and conquer empires such as China, Russia, the Middle East, and and the city of Baghdad creating the Mongol Empire. The Mongol Empire controlled the most land of any empire. As the Mongol Empire conquered new Empires they effected them through the environment, social classes, politically economically, and their culture. Two empires that the Mongol Empire had an effect drastically on was China and Russia politically and economically. The Mongol Empire improved China and Russia economically by facilitating trade routes stabilizing China economy and helped Russia semi-stable their economy. Politically the Mongol Empire enforced a system which united the people in China and helped Russia develop a political system indirectly. The Mongol faculated trade which helped their economy. The Mongol Empire had a high tolerance of other religions and cultures. Furthermore, they highly valued wealth very much. Therefore, they protected trade routes to gain the wealth as well as

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