Economic Inequality In Everyday Life

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One has seen throughout history that the wealthy has always taken advantage and has always benefited from the poor. Whether it be socially, economically, or politically the wealthy has had overall advantage over the poor. For instance, the wealthy unfairly use the poor’s manual labor without recompensing them for their time and physical labor. In addition, it is evident in Snowpiercer that the wealthy take advantage of the poor and do not recompense them for the physical labor they are forced to do. Instead the poor is kept secluded from the rest of society in a dark, crowded, and unsanitary room. The wealthy are also brainwashed to view the poor in a very negative way and are brainwashed to believe that the poor deserve to be located in the bottom of the social ladder just for being poor and uneducated. The wealthy passengers also believe that the poor must be secluded so that they can keep on using them for their manual labor. Therefore, the wealthy will be able to keep their locomotive functioning and, in the grand scheme of things, maintain the function of society in it status quo. In “Signs of Social Class: The Experience of Economic Inequality in Everyday Life” by Michael W. Kraus, Kraus theorizes that “social class signals activate social comparison that class signals are a frequent, rapid and accurate competent of person perception” (Kraus 422). Kraus argues that social class initiates social comparison within everyone in society; meaning one will compare what one

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