Economic Stratification Essay

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Economic Stratification in the US Everywhere you look at the United States you can find economic stratification. From the kind of vehicle you drive, to the kind of house you live in, to the kind of restaurants you eat at the most you will find economic stratification. Some might ask, does any of that truly matter today? Yes, unfortunately, it does. An important goal for most people is what’s referred to as The American Dream. Whether it is to attend a good college, get a respectable job, purchase the perfect house, and have a small family or maybe just to start your own business; that dream starts with wealth. People with more money will have an easier time with achieving the dream than a lower income person would. With wealth comes power and prestige as well. People with more money have better life chances because they can afford better healthcare, education, healthier food, and safer neighborhoods just to name a few things. First, let’s look at education. Someone with a higher income would have access to better schools, with better teaching materials, and academic programs. While a lower income person that lives in the inner city, in a poorer community with a rundown school, teachers that are not paid as well, and out of date teaching materials. Once both students graduate from high school, the higher income person can immediately move on to college if they wish, whereas the lower income person would have to obtain aid through a Pell grant, scholarship, student loans or

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