Economics Of Healthcare

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The economics of health care has changed across the path of history in the United States. In the past year’s health care cost in America have escalated “more than $8,000 per capita or 17% of the gross domestic products (GDP) (Nickitas, 2016). America is paying noticeably more money per capita and percentage of GDP to attain better outcomes. When comes health care economics money is the driving force. Over the past year’s health care funding has changed and began to come predominantly through private providers, hospitals, physician and health insurance companies. Some elements that provided to the evolution of health care progress for example moderate unnecessary health care costs through a variety of procedures, economic incentives for physicians …show more content…

In the past years, untenable increases and budget deficits in health care costs that continue impact of these defeats and risk expands in Medicare programs. Federal health care programs can charge taxpayers billions of dolor’s while setting beneficiary’s health and welfare at risk. Submitted billing for unnecessary medical services or billing for services that were not been ever provided to customer shown abuse to the Medicare Program. For example, durable medical equipment’s such as oxygen supplies, walkers, wheelchairs or scooters that physician’s bills Medicare for services that customer not medically needed or never got. Other cases shown that under the other patient Medicare cards those services had been used. Ordering excessive diagnostic tests such as CT scans or MRIs progressively overuse and physicians are not identifying or certainly misdiagnosing diseases. Not always need to be order costly imaging, simple blood test could be obtained to rule out a serious problem without an expensive CT or MRI that keep loads of money and resources. kickbacks that covered financial activities or procedures between hospitals and healthcare providers. The kickbacks approached in variety forms that involved other healthcare industries such as hospitals, pharmacies, outpatient centers participate in fraudulent activities and charge government agencies. Another concerning problem had been raised by the time drug prescription that leading healthcare plans cost changes. The prescriber should understand that generic drugs have same activity and cost from 20-70 percent less that can be way to save money and for customer and their health plans. Medicare abuse and fraud buildups the financial tension on the Medicare Trust Fund that limited benefits and increase cost for

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