Health Care : Cost, Access, And Quality

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Health Care: Cost, Access, and Quality Rising health care costs became an issue after the Medicare and Medicaid programs were formed in 1965 and have continued to be a factor in the United States economy since then. “By1970, U.S. government expenditures for health care services and supplies had grown by 140%, from $7.9 billion to $18.9 billion.”() By the 1990s the annual increase in the government health care expenditures was finally brought under control and has fluctuated between a 5% and 8% increase each year since then. This essay will discuss the different factors contributing to the rising costs of health care in the United States, as well as how the cost of health care affects the accessibility and quality of medical care throughout American history. Factors contributing to the Rising Costs of Health Care The health care system is an imperfect market that is not highly regulated or limited. Meaning that health care is a demand met by need of medical care rather than the economic law of supply and demand. The current U.S. health care delivery system follows a medical model, which emphasizes medical treatment after a patient becomes sick. Many times the sickness could have been avoided by administering some preventative medicine before the sickness developed into something more serious and costing expensive medical treatment. Another one of the many factors that affect the rising costs of health care is the amount of health care administrative costs that hospitals
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