Economics and Urban Education

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Education is a quality in which all learning should be given under unconditional pretenses. The opportunity to be privileged with higher learning and creative diversities places an extraordinary value in which all children should achieve. However, when economic and ethnic demographics supersedes integrity, equality, fairness, and entailing security for all students. The modern issues of the urban education confronts our society with alarming facts that students are failing not only under the umbrella of the schools but it stunts their ability to see themselves successful in their future. Varying economic statuses can significantly impact the dynamic between students and teachers, and may detract from the learning environment. Economic status affects how students interact with one another, learn concepts, develop intellectually and relate to authority figures of urban educations. Many economic factors converge to create this vicious cycle of urban educational decline, and the downward spiral of solutions due to the lack of funding. Urban schools are at an extreme disadvantage, especially to the children that are attending these schools. Inequalities in education exist from the textbooks provided to the teacher qualifications which in turn affects the quality of education that inner-city children are receiving. Neighborhoods are being segregated by social class and the impoverished population is not getting the same educational opportunities as the suburban

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