City Schools And The American Dream : Reclaiming The Promise Of Public Education

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Pedro Noguera, a phenomenal urban sociologist and a professor at New York University confronts the problems which exist in our nation’s education system in his book, City Schools and the American Dream: Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education. Noguera describes what he views to be the main problems facing urban education and suggests strategies for improvement. From years of experience as a teacher and school board member, he reflects on what he believes to be the real problems. Noguera blames the school’s failures on students, parents, and teachers which leads to blame local government officials or policymakers. Noguera states in City Schools and the American Dream, “The central argument of this book is that until there is a genuine commitment to address the social context of schooling — to confront the urban condition — it will be impossible to bring about significant and sustainable improvements in urban public schools” (pg.6). Noguera believes that we must address the central problem to make any type of solutions for improvement.
In chapter one and two Noguera talks about how urban schools are failing and how there is educational and achievement gaps. Noguera talks about Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond, and San Francisco and uses examples from these cities to show readers how poverty, influence, and lack of support impacts children 's educations. Noguera provided a very good chart on pg. 29 in the book. The chart shows the economic profile of all four cities in…
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