Eden Park Research Paper

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Introduction: The Colosseum and Eden park are both widely known structures. Eden park commonly known to have held the 2011 rugby world cup. The Colosseum in Rome was known to have held gladiator games and many other historical entertainment in roman times. Entry ways: In rome the Colosseum has over LXXX (80) entry ways, this was made for quick seating before the entertainment began. These door ways had roman numerals on top so people with tickets could find the entryway corresponding to their ticket. Eden park has a similar system. People buy their tickets online, then they are able to go to the game and find the doorway corresponding to their ticket and find their seat to enjoy the entertainment. Over the years this has become an …show more content…

The sports played at eden park are rugby, cricket, and soccer. This is the place where people can support their country or team, in playing that sport they are interested in. rugby has had a huge part in supporting eden park, due to the 2011 rugby world cup being held there.

Founders: the founder of Eden park was a man named Harry Ryan, as he walked past this piece of land he saw a space where he could play his favourite game, cricket. Soon enough construction began and soon Eden park was born. The idea for the Colosseum came from a man named Titus Flavius, this was due to the amount of people coming to the games before the Colosseum was built. Up to 60,000 people would come and watch the games in a field. Titus saw that too many people were coming so he thought about building a structure that was able to hold up to 80,000 people at a time. This was also for people to be comfortable at the games. Conclusion: In conclusion the Colosseum and eden park have their differences and similarities. They both carry their own history and have a lot of stories to tell. Without the Colosseum we probably wouldn't have most of the structures we see today, and many people should be grateful for the time and effort put into building these

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