Edgar Allan Poe Literary Analysis

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Isaac Ellington
English III
3 November 2017
The Dark Literature of Edgar Allen Poe Poe often used depressed tones and imagery to create a dark kind of feeling to his work. The death of Edgar Allen Poe’s young wife put a bitter resentment in the writer. He felt like he was cursed and that the heavens stole his joy and claimed that the angel envied their happiness. Poe was accused of rumors and scandals his whole life, afflicted with depression, pinned down by phobias and horrific fantasies, and his writing reflects the madness in every lover’s heart. (Harris 60) In many of Edgar Allen Poe’s writings, he used gothic elements to express his pain and revealed the darker side of human nature. Edgar Allan Poe wrote
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He was not always convinced that simplicity was a desirable aesthetic and did not believe that you could find elegance in it. He still liked reading simple writings and appreciated all styles from the viewpoint of a writer. The death of Poe’s wife put resentment in Poe’s heart. In “Annabel Lee,” he writes of a love so deep that even “the angels not half as happy in heaven went envying her and me.” (Pollin 288) The only way he knew how to ease his pain was to put it into words. Annabel Lee became the expression of his very soul. Poe wrote that everything in the natural world reminded him of his beloved wife. The final stanza shows the true feelings of Edgar Allen Poe. He pours his entire soul into this single stanza. Poe probably made one of the biggest impacts in Gothic literature. Gothic Literature is considered to involve the horror or gothic element, but is mixed with romance, superstition, women in distress, and the occurrence of supernatural events. The history and beginning of this era is unknown. Poe analyzes the most controversial subjects and describes them in a meticulous and scientific way, which leads to terrible imagery that can attack a nervous man’s head and give him evil thoughts. (Szumski 33) Many people blame Poe for inspiring Jack the Ripper. His style
Ellington 3 is made through his use of punctuation, word choice, figurative language, tone, and sentence structure. Poe is regarded as one of the most famous
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