Edgar Allan Poe 's Annabel Lee

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Another one of Edgar Allen Poe famous poems was “Annabel Lee”. “Annabel Lee” was written in 1849 shortly after the death of Poe’s wife. "Annabel Lee" tells a story about a narrator 's painful memory and also explains his love and devotion to his long lost love, Annabel (Empric 1). The narrator discusses how the two grew up together and the love they had for each other was real and exclusive. The narrator goes on to share his belief that the “angels above were the cause of Annabel 's death, killing her out of jealousy” (1). The narrator also states that his love for Annabel will never die, and as time goes by it will only grow stronger. Through the use of imagery, symbols and theme, every day the narrator is reminiscing the presence of Annabel to the point that he lies at her grave every night, hoping Annabel is there. In this poem Edgar Allan Poe uses visual and tactile imagery to describe the narrator’s everlasting love for Annabel Lee. The use of imagery not only portrays the strength towards the narrator’s love, but also let the reader to experience the love and the pain of Annabel Lee death (Empric 1). For example, the opening stanza “in a kingdom by the sea” (Poe “Annabel Lee” 2) the visual imagery presents a castle that sits on a edge by the sea, which displays a feeling of beauty and royal romance which aids to the feeling of the everlasting love present throughout the poem. Also presenting an image of as a fairy tale or fantasy when the narrators states that “I was
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