Edgar Allan Poe 's `` Rough Early Life ``

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Jake Kimmelman
American Literature CP
22 February 2017

Edgar Allan Poe Have you ever wondered the reasons behind why some horror stories are so sinister? Have you ever read a horror story and told yourself that it would not happen in real life? Have your ever thought that you had a rough life growing up? Poe did not live to see his name really get the big praise it does now for his horror. Most of Poe’s life was filled with death of loved one’s and sadness which made him turn to writing poems and short stories. Edgar Allan Poe’s rough early life, relationships with women, and exposure to man’s evil human nature inspire the plots of his short story fiction. Edgar Allan Poe had a very unusual and depressing early life and …show more content…

Throughout Poe’s whole life he had the most unlucky relationships with women. These bad relationships were no doubt a big inspiration for his short stories. Most of his famous horror stories have to do with a woman being killed or dying. From the start of his life till the end tragedy had mostly always to do with women. Starting with his mom dying when he was three and him never even really knowing her (“Edgar Allan Poe Biography”1). Too the first true love a mother of a friend from school dying a year after he fell in love with her. Too his cousin and wife for eleven year’s Virginia also dying from tuberculosis. One of the things that really kicked his writing into action though was when he returned home from a trip to find his fiancee engaged to another man. When he saw this he fled to Boston and started to write distributing his first book Tamerlane at 18 years old. All of these tragedies with women have a role in Poe’s writing about women in his short stories. Because there were so many deaths with women it is hard to tell which ones are portrayed in his short stories but we know that they had a for sure impact. One of the first stories he wrote having to do with girls was “Berenice” a story about a man who rips out his dead lover 's teeth but then comes to realize she is still alive(Lepore 1). Another story of tragedy striking a girl is in “The Fall of the House of Usher

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