Edgar Allan Poe 's The Raven

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Edgar Allan Poe is considered one of the greatest literary writers, but he was highly under-appreciated during his time, Poe was constantly looked down upon and suffered a bad reputation due to rumors created by authors who disliked him. Poe was seen as arrogant, mad, and a melancholy man who had no friends and spent his time drinking and using drugs. Poe 's success came when The Raven was published in 1845, “…though it made Poe popular in his day, it did not bring him significant financial success. As he later lamented, ‘I have made no money. I am as poor now as ever I was in my life—except in hope, which is by no means bankable.’” (The Clinker Press, “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe’s Boxed set, 3 paragraph.) Edgar Allan Poe is known for being one of the top Gothic writers of all times, his poem The Raven is proof of his greatest literary work till this day, it has become part of pop culture and is usually referenced in different television shows or illustrations. Although, he wasn’t appreciated or considered a mysterious, dark, melancholy, and disturbing author, his pain and sorrow in The Raven helped attract an audience, making him finally gain the respect he deserves. In the first stanza of The Raven, Poe sets a gloomy dark atmosphere, "midnight dreary", and details the narrator sitting in a chair reading old books and feeling, "weak and weary". It then goes into the narrator falling asleep and suddenly awakens when he hears a "tapping" at his "chamber door".

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