Edgar Allan Poe 's Three Techniques For Dark Writing

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Edgar Allan Poe 's Three Techniques for Dark Writing Edgar Allan Poe is a poet who makes his poetry very strong, dark and suspenseful; to do this Poe uses imagery, mood and tone. These three techniques help create a feeling of horror. “The Cask of the Amontillado”, “ The Raven”, and “The Tale Tell Heart” are the three stories that show these techniques clearly. Imagery is represented to help the atmosphere have horror and it helps the reader see what 's going on in the story. In “The Cask of the Amontillado” when Fortunato was being tied up, Montresor sat in bones and watched Fortunato yell with desperation. Poe specifically added the lines “The noise lasted for several minutes, during which that I might hearken to it with more satisfaction… and (I) sat down upon the bones.” said by Montresor, to give that very dark feel, that what montresor is doing was creepy by sitting and watching Fortunato suffer. “The Tell Tale Heart” used imagery when the guy killed the old man and cut off his body in parts, “...First I cut off the head , then the legs. I was careful not to let a single drop of blood fall on the floor.” Poe made this imagery because you can imagine how crazy he was by cutting off his arm and legs. “The Raven” also has the same effect, sort of like a crazy dark feel in the imagery. The writer was at the door because someone was tapping on the door he went to go answer, but there was no one there; “ I open wide the door;-/ Darkness there, and nothing more.”

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