Edgar Allan Poe's Life And Stories

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Edgar Allan Poe was born in 1809. His mother died when he was two, and his father had abandoned the family by this time. Therefore, Poe was raised as a foster child by Frances and John Allan. From ages six to eleven, he went to a boarding school in London and after his early education, he attended the University of Virginia for a year where he studied Latin and French. Astonishingly, by the time Edgar turned 18, he had published his first compilation of poems.

In Poe’s early adult life, he lived in Baltimore for four years with his aunt, Maria Clemm. The publishers of Baltimore and Philadelphia loved Poe’s work, so he made a living by writing journals and tales. Consequently, in 1836 Poe married Virginia, who was Maria Clemm’s daughter. Poe’s greatest works were written while living in Philadelphia with his wife. In 1847, while living in New York, Virginia died of
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Edgar purposely wrote a wide assortment of tales. As a matter of fact, he even created genres that are now used in American fiction. Poe’s best stories were of the murder mystery or science fiction genre where he focused on emphasizing the facts in the story.

Poe created the treasure-mystery fad that was later exploited by Robert Stevenson. Poe also created arabesques or tales of terror which were very popular among adolescent readers. The voice that Poe made for his tales is unforgettable. Incredible tales that were concise and brief were brought about by Edgar’s brilliance. He very well known for his powerful works.

Edgar Allan Poe put his genius to the test when he started condensed versions of poems. Poe embodied whatever he was writing about to get the most effect out of it. The short and concise stories had strict control rather than random outbursts of emotion. He used this method to lead other American authors to start writing French
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