Edmond Dante's Life And Accomplishments

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Edmond Dantes was a young leader whose purpose in life, who he cares about, and how others viewed him contributed with remaining humble to his father, his love for Mercedes, and most importantly himself. Yet his naive manner made him ignorant of his surroundings. The purpose of Dante's´ life contributed to his loved ones expressed by “ With my first pay I shall buy you little house with a garden where you can plant your clematis, your nasturtiums, and your honeysuckle” (Dumas , 10). This expressed Dantes’ immensely loving bond with his father, for his dream was to give everything he can to him. Edmond’s passion in life is to grow in happiness with his loved ones, for that is his only duty in life for him. His sole purpose is dedicated…show more content…
Supporting the statement that Edmond devotion and care is set towards his loved ones, for he does not worry about his well being because prospering with his family means he is the best he can be. Edmond’s fortunate life included perspectives of those who purged at his life virgiousling stated “Dantes will certainly carry the day; he will marry their fair damsel, become captain, and have the laugh over us, unless….’ a livid smile was seen to pass over his lips ‘unless I set to work’”(Dumas, 20). Danglars is sarcastically boasting of Dante’s blessed life to infuriate Fernand, who envied Dantes’. The life of Dantes’ was not always so fortunate, though he did not sense this hatred among his companions, it was still prevalent to his death. Consequently, this envious perspective lead to Dante's’ framed imprisonment, for he suffered and his enemies prospered. Edmond is a naive being who believed he was always admired, however Danglars and his accomplices were outliers. When one thrives, others attempt to hinder that growth, and in this case Danglars succeeded with the death of Dante's. Dante’s was not admired by all, for his fortune and purpose in life to prosper with his loved who he cared deeply about was
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