Education : A Fall From Grace

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Education: A Fall from Grace
Contrary to the fact that higher education is being more sought after, teenagers are dropping out of high school at an alarming rate every day. Some people can choice to see this situation as a sort of social Darwinism for the weak fall short while the strong excel. Since this statement, in its own right, proves true people neglect the expenses this minority takes on society as a whole. The amount of time, money and effort given to these students is wasted after all these years for now they won’t even have the benefit of having a high school diploma. I believe that both the state and the student suffer when they are slowly eased out of high school by “Senioritis.”
I received my education in a public school in Nevada, which has one of the highest dropout rates in the country, and all throughout my senior year I witnessed countless numbers of my peers’ willingly leaving high school to “Pursue their lives.” At the beginning of the year, everyone was gun hoe about finishing school but as the year progressed students were not attending school or not doing assignments thus they were automatically failing classes they needed by default (missing class to often is grounds for automatic failure) or for receiving a failing grade. It’s such a confusing set of emotions to experience when you hear someone has dropped out: it is a combination of pity, sorrow, helplessness and at the same time relief. Everyone wants to graduate from high school at one point in

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