Education : Consumer Vs. Liberal Education

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Education: Consumer vs. Liberal Education Both writers, Paulo Freire and Mark Edmundson have a sense of the teacher – student relationship that is based on some experiences they have had. The relationships are not mutual; it is more of a give and take understanding. The schools will stop at nothing to attract students to their universities even if it goes against morals and norms. Although others have noted liberal education is the new way of conducting business, they have overlooked the importance of Humanity-based education. In the past, education was based on the academics and substance received from the university. Now, It is more of a business that is driven by money and pleasing the parents and students. Freire wrote about the banking concept. People that are wealthy have an attitude that makes them feel superior. They consider themselves more knowledgeable than those people of less fortune. We all know that this is not true because money does not equal knowledge. When you think of the lower class of economics, it can lead you to think of an oppressed people. Freire wrote “Changing the consciousness of the oppressed, not the situation which oppresses them” (Freire, par. 3). The oppressed have to be willing to change the mentality they have in order to rise above their current situation. The person has to be willing to learn and have a desire to feed on knowledge. Over the years the pendulum swung hard in the opposite direction. Students don’t really
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