Education Crisis in America

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Griffin Thomas
The Education Crisis in America Currently the U.S. has a major problem on its hands, education today is constantly losing money while we put more of that money and time into our prisons rather than our schools. By showing kids that it is more important to be tough on crime than it is for a proper education is wrong. If these practices continue you can expect to see higher drop-out rates and larger prison populations. Education should be the U.S.’s top priority and we should take pride in the greatest education system in the world. Education provides students not with just knowledge but ethics, character development and self-esteem which are important skills for the workplace and in life. That is why it is
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This pipeline is sending kids into the juvenile justice system and eventually the adult system. It is preventing these students from getting a proper education and it is contributing to our monstrous incarceration rates. While these policies were created to help students it is doing the exact opposite and they need to be changed. Zero tolerance policies can be devastating to students and their families with many not distinguishing between small offenses and major offenses. This causes kids to be overly punished which in turn leads to expulsion and entry into the juvenile system. Students who are subsequently expelled are divested of educational services then they are usually sent to alternative schools where the education is substandard compared to public schools. This leads to increased dropout rates due to the student’s inability to get a proper education or difficulty readjusting to a new school. There is also a largely disproportionate number of African American students being suspended and expelled. “One in five black boys and more than one in 10 black girls received an out-of-school suspension, while African American students only make up 18% of the population” (Heitzeg). Continually we are seeing racial inequality in the classroom. This is causing the high poverty areas to receive the worst education. In turn these areas are the most likely to use the zero tolerance policies in place to
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