Education In Prisons

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Let’s face it when people normally thinks about prisons, usually they have a mental picture of these overcrowded facilities, with really high walls barbed wire fencing, filled with men covered in tattoos. We hardly ever think of women, when the pictures of prisoners come to mind. Yes, at one day in time it was true that the number of incarcerated women was a very small in quantity compared to the general inmate population. However the percentage of female prisoners here in the US have grown so fast, that administrators in the prisons are having to reconsider the needs of these incarcerated women and address them. According to, Timothy Williams, a reporter of the New York Times, “ the Vera Institute of Justice and a program called the Safety …show more content…

When these confined women gain access to opportunities to obtain continued or higher education, they have the ability to renovate their lives as well as others in prison, along with their families and the communities that they will return to. Education in prison has a host of benefits for female inmates. What are these education benefits for women prisoners? What are the benefits of educating female offenders? The main idea behind education for inmates is to instill, and bring out their interest and generate confidence so that they can understand how to make better decisions in their daily lives. Opportunities are made accessible to female offenders so that they can achieve and improve their skills while incarcerated. This makes them marketable and more competitive in the workforce arena once they are released. Just being able to read and write is a positive fundamental skill for these women. When they learn how to speak the English language in the correct way, it is an enormous resource when it comes to communicating their skills to a prospective employer. If they can learn basic math, it helps them to know how to budget their finances. Education teaches these women how to operate their lives independently, so that they don’t have to rely on unhealthy relationship, public assistance programs or drugs. Additionally, many studies have shown how prison education programs gives women inmates a chance to break the cycle of many generations of inequality. When a child can see the positiveness in their parents, they are motivated to be more serious about their own education. In turn they start to see other alternatives to being a school dropout or doing crimes. Therefore breaking the cycle of generations of being

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