Education Is A Major Part Of An Adolescent 's Life

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Education is a major part of an adolescent’s life. Almost all children receive their education at school. School systems have laws and standards the teachers and students must meet. Cities such as: Chicago, Bronx, and Detroit are in poverty and have high crime rates. Unfortunately, these cities make growing up in and getting an education hard. Children attending the schools that are in poverty, are often black or Hispanic. The schools in those cities are usually underfunded and lack essentials. Adolescents who are fortunate enough to live in a good city, get a better education. Parents who have money can afford to send their children to better schools, whereas the parents living in poverty have to send their kids to a school that is not up …show more content…

An elementary student wrote to Kozol, “Dear Mr. Kozol, we do not have the things you have. You have clean things. We do not have. You have a clean bathroom. We do not have that. You have parks and we do not have parks. You have all the things and we do not have all the things. Can you help us?” (Kozol 351). This child lived in the Bronx and was in third grade. Kozol stated, New York’s Board of Education was only spending about $8,000 dollars yearly on education for the third grade. Had this student been white and living in a white suburb in New York, $12,000 dollars a year would be spent on education. If this student came from an even wealthier family in a white suburb in New York, $18,000 dollars yearly, would have been spent on education. Kozol provides this information to show what the Board of Education believes each child is worth. Kozol shares a story of a school that lack funds and proper maintenance, “I had made repeated visits to a high school where a stream of water flowed down one of the main stairwells on a rainy afternoon and where green fungus molds in the office where students went for counseling” (Kozol 352). The same type of problems appeared in another school “…the principal poured out his feelings to me in a room in which a plastic garbage bag had been attached somehow to cover part of the collapsing ceiling. ‘This,’ he told me, pointing to the garbage bag, then gesturing around him to the other indications of decay and

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