Education Is An Essential Component Of Obtaining One 's Sense

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Education is the vehicle that drives one on the road to freedom. Gaining an education is an essential component of obtaining one’s sense of “freedom.” Learning to read, draw, or writing an acceptable essay all falls in line with getting some form of education. Everyone is educated in their own way, down to the man who cuts a bush at just the right angle to make a beautiful work of art, to the professor who teaches a class full of students a biology course. Being educated falls into a lot of categories. However, how a person uses their education is what makes them “free.”
To become “free” one must understand what being “free” means? The sense of being “free” is having knowledge or a particular skill that can never be taken from an individual once that knowledge is committed to memory, therefore, using one’s knowledge or skill in a meaningful way to push oneself forward is what causes them to achieve “freedom.” Also, another aspect of being “free” is moving pass limitations that restrains one from realizing their ambitions. Memorizing something for the moment, for instance, the answer to a question, a series of numbers, or a particular co-workers name so one can tell them happy birthday doesn’t contribute to granting that individual “true freedom.” Likewise, doing something that doesn’t line up with an individual’s ambition could cause them “imprisonment” rather than “freedom.”
However, the question becomes, how could one use their education to become “free?” An example of an

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