Education Is The Most Essential Tool

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Education has become the most necessary tool in the world that we live in today. There isn’t much you can do today in the world without at least some form of education. Education has a lot of purposes in our world today. People’s opinions differ about the purpose of education, but most people’s still revolve around the same idea in a sense. Personally, I believe that the purpose of education is to help people integrate and function efficiently in society. Education is used to make sure that when people get into the real world they are able to actually survive. I have a lot of goals for my students, but the biggest thing for me is that I want to be successful in whatever they decide they want to do. No one is the same so I understand that all of my students are going to go down different paths in terms of careers. I just want them to do their best and be successful in their field and just be successful in life overall.

One of the major problems with the education system is that while teachers do teach the basic concepts that will help students succeed in their careers or the continuation of their education. The problem with that is when college students like me are shoved into the real world, we lack “life” knowledge that we didn’t acquire in school. For example, most people don’t even know what a mortgage is or how to do taxes. Skills that should have been taught in school because they are important in terms of living. Those are just two basic examples of skills that

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