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1. Jim Teicher is Cofounder and CEO of CyberSmart! Education, a digital learning company and international leader in fostering digital literacy skills. In 2007 Jim founded CyberSmart! Africa—partnering with The Millennium Villages Project, a joint initiative of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, Millennium Promise and the United Nations Development Program. The program is going to provide a sustainable, scalable solution to 21st century learning.
2. Bill Gates is the most influential person in education policy in the last decade. He has contributed to over $1.2 billion in high school reform efforts. Bill Gates has also helped bring technology into schools that needed and has had some success with changing the high school system …show more content…

The department’s mission covers the following main areas:
• Encouraging teaching practices using ICT;
• Developing school equipment;
• Creating networks;
• Teacher training (both initial teacher education and continuing professional development);
• Supporting the production and distribution of multimedia resources;
• The product and services industry.
2. Agence Bibliographique de l‘enseignement Supérieur (ABES)
• ABES is the French higher education organisation for bibliographic issues. It has been coordinating STAR, a management system of electronic theses from all French universities since 2007 and has now developed a portal for over 60 000 doctoral theses since 2001.
• OA mandate: Yes. All universities deposit their theses to this centralised disseminating portal.

3. Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)

• CNRS is Europe’s major research organisation working through its 7 institutes of Biological Science, Chemistry, Ecology and Environment, Humanities and Social Sciences, Information Sciences and Technologies, Engineering and Systems Sciences, Physics and 3 national institutes: National Institute for Mathematical Sciences (INSMI); National Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics (IN2P3); National Institute for Earth Sciences and Astronomy (INSU)/ Its aim is to encourage collaborative and interdisciplinary research.
• OA mandate: Mandated through the Ministry of Research.

4. Couperin

• Academic consortium of over

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