Essay on Education in America: Separate and Unequal

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The greatest country in the world still has problems evenly distributing education to its youth. The articles I have read for this unit have a common theme regarding our education system. The authors illustrate to the reader about the struggles in America concerning how we obtain and education. Oppression, politics, racism, and socioeconomic status are a few examples of what is wrong with our country and its means of delivering a fair education to all Americans.

Doctor Benjamin Barber’s article The Educated Student: Global Citizen or Global Consumer? discusses how the schools are being attacked by advertising campaigns. Barber talks about the poor school districts being targeted by a company called Channel One. Channel One provides …show more content…

America has spent more money supporting our operations in the Middle East than we will ever spend on education for our children. Doctor Barber makes the statement clear in the title of the article that we are introduced into “brand learning” in schools. So are we citizens or consumers? Can we be both and still be successful? The article states that poor schools are propositioned by Channel One as I mentioned earlier, and that this type of propaganda spans out into universities as well. Doctor Barber poses the question, what type of soda machines are in your school. At the University of Oklahoma we have a Starbucks, Wendy’s, Sbarro’s, and many more. Overall I think Doctor Barber’s assumptions of America’s students is we are living life in neutral, not because we are lazy, but because we are a product of what our education systems and our government are making us. He suggests that we could be pushed into overdrive if we obtain an education and learn through others languages and cultures. We can push on if we can avoid or block out some of the advertising propaganda that we are force fed as children.

In Jonathan Kozol’s article Still Separate, Still Unequal, he states the poorer parts of our larger cities have fewer white children and are made up of mostly black and Latino children. These

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