Education is a vital step in the development of an individual as it instils important values and

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Education is a vital step in the development of an individual as it instils important values and information for our society. However, learning how to educate these individuals requires the attention and an adequate aptitude of the instructor. Many theorists recognize that students learn in different ways, and that no two students are exactly alike. Therefore, it is important to implement practical values from educational theories when instructing. Personality learning theories help to indicate how personality influences understanding in the classroom. The theory of multiple intelligences was developed by Howard Gardner in 1983 to identify the multiple different types of human intellect. He theorized that each intelligence is evident in a …show more content…

However Gardner believed that all human beings possess all nine intelligences in different degrees, and each has a unique intelligence profile. He believed that education can be improved by assessment of a student’s intelligence profile and tailoring activities to their benefit. Finally, he theorized that each intelligence occupies a different area of the brain and may operate cooperatively or independently from each other. More importantly is understanding how these theory can be efficently utilized in the classroom. By understanding the theory of multiple intelligences, effective educators can identify a student’s intelligence profile and adapt lessons towards what will help them retain the information the most. There are many different ways to incorporate multiple intelligences into a teacher’s curriculum. According to Baum (2005), “programs have been initiated to create opportunities for students across a range of intelligences or to create more individualized or personalized education by addressing students’ strengths.” This could involve learning centers with resources tailored towards particular intelligences to foster independent learning. Another way to involve the different theories of intelligence in education is to integrate project-based and collaborative

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