Education is not Free all over the World

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In America kids get the opportunity to get a free education but not anyone takes advantage of this opportunity. In countries like Iraq not a lot of kids get the opportunity to get an education. In countries like these only boys are allowed to get an education while girls are forced to stay home not to step foot into a school or get the right to learn and expand their minds. While kids might complain about school or don’t want to go they should think of the children not being able to learn at all. I know that I want to be very successful and so do a lot of kids but education can be beneficial in many ways. Education can save children’s lives, increase income, and reduces poverty.
One big thing every child around the world have in common is that they want to make a lot of money when they grow up. I am pretty sure that no one wakes up and says that they want to be broke and stupid when they grow up. Money is a common interest for everyone no matter what age and if anyone had the opportunity to increase their income they would take the chance, even if it means going back to school. In an article written by Global Partnership “ The average student in lower-income countries performs worse than the 5th percentile in higher-income countries. These children end up learning basic math skills by grade 6, instead of grades 2 or 3.’’. That quote is showing that even by increasing your math skills you can earn more money than you would have at the level skill you were before. Even

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